Marketizer Cloud Release

Hello Everyone, I’m happy to announce that I have published the newest version of Marketizer for everyone to use. With this release I am also going to stop working on the installer (setup.exe) version. Any changes I make going forward will be done on this build. A few things I’d like to note. I have [...]

Steam for Mobile

I thought I’d take a moment to say you heard it here first folks. I predicted it back in April of 2011 ( that Steam would be coming to Android. Of course to be fair, they are releasing for iOS as well. It’s currently in closed beta, and all you need to do is [...]

Marketizer Cloud Beta

      First I’d like to thank everyone for your patience. It’s been a much longer stretch then I had  hoped before getting to this point. However, the new version is ready for a larger beta and I have put up a newsletter sign-up in the right side-bar which has a checkbox to opt-in [...]

Using Marketizer Virtually

Using virtualization you can run a Windows OS on top of Linux or OS X. There is a free solution available called VirtualBox, which allows you to run a sandboxed OS, such as Windows. You can get a free copy by going to this URL and selecting your platform. After installing it, you simply [...]

In The News

We had some very interesting things happen last week in mobile news and I thought I’d recap some of the top headlines here. Netflix has updated their app to support all Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices. If you’ve been waiting for this to get the instant viewing plan, then now is the time. Hopefully we’ll [...]

I get questions about Marketizer on a fairly regular basis asking about what language it’s programmed in. So as I was thinking about it, and I realized that I’ve probably never answered that question. Which brings me to this article. Marketizer is a Windows Forms application written in C#. That’s pronounced “c sharp”. The reason [...]

Marketizer Update Is Coming

  It’s been a while since a new version of Marketizer has been released, but that is about to change. I’ve mentioned I have something in the works that will cost a lot to maintain, and that is something I’m still working on to try and find a way to release and not have to [...]

Troubleshooting issues when using Marketizer

  I wish I could be around more often to help people resolve issues when using Marketizer, but unfortunately I can’t. So I’ve been putting together a FAQ to help people resolve issues. In this article I have outlined the most common ways to troubleshoot the conversion process when you run into issues. There is [...]

Looks like Google has blocked displaying the Code page through an iframe, which is how I was displaying it. The downloads are still available and you can reach them directly by going to I have added that link on the Downloads page as well.   Join our community on facebook. Just hit Like in [...]

I’m happy to report that the maintenance and upgrade went very smoothly. The site should be performing a bit better and will hopefully be more stable. We’ll see what happens when we hit peak hours. Here is a list of some changes that I made. Fixed the registration box. People were having issues with reCAPTCHA. [...]

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